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Here's what trial lawyers have to say about JurySelectionPro:

"JurySelectionPro is very easy to use. Voir dire during our murder trial became a lot more manageable because of it. Thank you for your help and toolkit."
Guadalupe Valencia, Criminal Defense Attorney, San Diego, CA.

"I love every aspect of your product; the cards and checklist are perfect!"
Anthony Colombo, Jr., Criminal Defense Attorney and Adjunct Professor of Trial Skills at California Western School of Law, San Diego, CA.

"The Cause and Batson checklist is excellent. Nice work on your JurySelectionPro. Keep up the good work."
Eugene Iredale, Criminal Defense Attorney, San Diego, CA.

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No more rushed, messy notes that you can't read under the pressure of trial.  No longer will you be at a loss for case citations that support why your Cause and Batson challenges should be granted.

Knowing jury selection psychology is not enough to effectively select a jury. This toolkit will help organize juror information, without the hassles of scrambling through notes and forgetting challenges at key times.

Advantages of using JurySelectionPro:

  • Organizes key information about jurors, for easy recall to judges;
  • Helps to quickly identify who your opponent may strike;
  • Helps to visually predict the jury’s composition during the selection process;
  • Comes in a professional case; and
  • Keeps your trial exhibits orderly and confidential.

The JurySelectionPro toolkit includes:

JurySelectionPro kit

    1. 3 JurySelectionPro Grids laminated to stay rigid and for easy wiping;
    2. 250 JurySelectionPro Jury Cards specially printed on hard stock, self-stick and movable on the grids;
    3. 1 Cribsheet, tips and advice on Cause and Batson Challenges;
    4. 2 different color JurySelectionPro dry erase markers/highlighters to mark the cards and grids; and
    5. 1 JurySelectionPro professional carrying case with double reinforced plastic handles, and large
      inside pocket to hold exhibits and additional files. Dimensions are 18 x 23 inches.

JurySelectionPro comes with a concise cribsheet that lists important jury selection related cases and statutes that can help you win your Cause and Batson challenges.

JurySelectionPro cribsheet

JurySelectionPro is very affordable.

Jury Selection Pro


JurySelectionPro toolkit is available for $129 plus tax and shipping.

300 additional jury cards are $29 plus tax and shipping.


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